Europe Adventure & Catching Up

Europe Adventure & Catching Up

We’ve been in California for a whole year now! Since moving here we’ve snowboarded in Lake Tahoe, visited Santa Cruz, wine and champagne tasted in Anderson Valley, Kayaked in the Pacific Ocean, gone trail running, stayed in Monterrey and went to Carmel for Big Sur Half, and been to San Francisco several times. Even with all this, there is so much more to see that I feel like we have barely scratched the surface of this incredibly beautiful State. Next on my list are Yosemite, Sausalito, giant redwoods, and San Diego.


August has been super busy since we have been house hunting, going to lots of events, and hanging out with visiting friends and family. I feel so lucky that many of our loved ones have enthusiastically come to California and been able to spend time with us.

Right now we are getting ready to move, my full course load of 5 classes started, and prep for our Europe trip is ramping up. Being busy gives me a thrill but it’s also a careful juggling act that can quickly become stressful. To avoid this, I’ve been trying to keep as organized as possible by setting up multiple reminder systems for all to-dos.

I’m off to get some sleep so I’m not slogging through the workday tomorrow. More details to come soon about our Europe trip 😀


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