Moving to California! Our Epic Road Trip

Moving to California! Our Epic Road Trip


We took the plunge, leapt off the mountain, cut ties, and finally left Florida (that hot sticky state people retire to) so that we could move across the country to California.

It’s been exhilarating people.  This trip represents a wake up that was many years in the making. It truly is so easy to settle for what you are used to and never make a change. We finally broke out of the monotonous slumber, quit our jobs, packed the house and left!

California has been my dream for so long now and I can’t believe it took this long to go towards it. Better late than never though right?

We  decided that driving across the country merited more than just a trek so we chose some cities and sites we’ve always wanted to see and added them to our Roadtrippers app as our must see stops.

First up is New Orleans, and it was so much more than we ever imagined.

Till next time,

Adventure Latina

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