The Super Run 5k While 5 Months Pregnant

The Super Run 5k While 5 Months Pregnant

Races have always been a big fitness motivator for me. There is something about the anticipation, the eustress of putting in your best effort, and the runner’s high you get from crossing the finish line. I signed up to do my second 5k (The Super Run 5k) a couple of weeks ago and looked forward to this themed race. We each got a free super hero cape at bib pick-up instead of the standard t-shirt which was awesome because I already have at least a hundred shirts from all the races I’ve done. I may need to set some time aside to order one of those useful t-shirt quilts!


Race morning- I woke up early but overestimated the time it would take to get there. Even so, I didn’t let myself freak out at all because this was just for fun (there were no timing chips) and I saw a lot of people still walking towards the start as I approached the parking area. I payed $6 to park at Almaden Park and walked briskly to the start which wasn’t very close. The race had already started because by this time I was about 10 minutes late which was just in time to run into the walkers. The major downfall of arriving late to a race is having to waste energy weaving through all the walkers at the back of the pack. No biggie though, I wasn’t here for a PR. I just wanted to run as much as I could and get some exercise with my bebe.

Cool things about the Super Run 5k San Jose:

  1. Very kid/family friendly! I saw so many families out there having fun together. It’s a great race for beginners and to get your kids interested in running.
  2. Free Capes in a variety of colors- I love that they are unique in giving out super hero capes instead of your standard race shirt (there was still an option to buy one if you really wanted that)
  3.  Short race with no pressure. You could aim for a PR if you wanted to as long as you started in the front of the pack. Otherwise you could hang back and enjoy the beautiful park.
  4. Entertaining finish line area- They had a DJ, bounce house, sponsors, and a picture area


Things I learned while running 5 months pregnant:

  • I’m not good at regulating pace right now. I started with a 8:30 pace per mile and oscillated between paces to 10:30 when I was trying to slow down. I really should’ve been running much slower at the beginning because I was not warmed up and my legs were paying for it.
  • Heat is 10 times worse when you’re preggo. My mouth instantly felt parched and I started to overheat a lot quicker than I would have normally due to hormones.
  • The bladder doesn’t care how fast you want to go or how good you feel otherwise. It will bitch slap you back to reality with the threat of unleashing the rapids in a humiliating public display. Every time I sped up I felt like I was going to burst and had to reel it back in :/ My third and final mile was faster than my second and would’ve been faster than my first had my bladder not been so evil. What was really awful was how the race had no bathrooms whatsoever. I just had to hold it in and trudge on. There were a lot of mind games that final mile!
This dad dressed as a dinosaur cracked me up. He was swishing as he walked and made so many people laugh as they passed him.

Overall, I’m glad I got out of bed early on a Saturday morning to do this race despite the blazing heat and even despite the fact that the race had NO BATHROOMS (Seriously. Not even at the start/finish line). I was faster than I thought I could be in this condition and put in a good effort. I felt accomplished for having gone out there sporting my new bump and pushing through the new obstacles that come with it. Baby girl has now done 2 5ks before being born and there’s still more to come! I can’t wait to keep running with her in the future 😀



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